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Here’s why nurses are contributing to the WSNA-PAC — and why you should, too.

To contribute to the WSNA-PAC fund, please visit where you can make a one-time donation or sign up for monthly contributions.

Clarise Mahler

“I believe in supporting the WSNA-PAC so that we can advocate for candidates who will go to Olympia and advocate for nurses and patients.”

— Clarise Mahler, RN

Chris Birchem 1

“I challenge all Washington state nurses to provide financial support to the PAC. Think about donating the equivalent of a cup of coffee a month, or making a PAC contribution equal to one hour of your pay.”

— Chris Birchem, RN

Kathleen Lange

“I give to our WSNA-PAC because now is the time for us to step up as nurses to protect many of our patient safety and workplace safety gains.”

— Kathleen Lange, RN

Lynnette Vehrs

“When I received the endorsement and contribution from the WSNA-PAC, I was absolutely thrilled. I knew that my colleagues were behind me, and I was with them. We need to give to our WSNA-PAC. We must have nurses, and people who support nurses, representing us in elected office.”

— Lynnette Vehrs, RN, former legislative candidate

PAC Facts

What is WSNA-PAC?

The Washington State Nurses Association Political Action Committee (WSNA-PAC) was established to contribute support for statewide and state legislative candidates who have demonstrated their belief and commitment to the legislative and regulatory agenda of the Washington State Nurses Association.

How does WSNA-PAC decide who to endorse?

Endorsed candidates are strong on nursing and patient safety issues, regardless of political affiliation, and must complete a candidate questionnaire and an interview. Incumbents’ voting records are considered, and the district’s past voting patterns are also taken into account.

Where does WSNA-PAC money come from?

All WSNA-PAC funds are raised independently from voluntary individual contributions. No WSNA dues money is used to support candidates.

Who can contribute to the WSNA-PAC?

WSNA members and non-members can contribute to the WSNA-PAC.

How does WSNA-PAC decide which candidates to contribute to?

The WSNA-PAC Board consists of 11 members whose role is to make endorsements and financial contribution decisions in statewide and state legislative elections. Please visit to learn more about WSNA-PAC’s endorsement process.

Who serves on the WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees?

Current board members are listed on the WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees webpage.

How do I get involved with the WSNA-PAC?

Please contact Jennifer Mumm, Director of Public Affairs.

How do I contribute to the WSNA-PAC?

To contribute to the WSNA-PAC fund, please visit where you can make a one-time donation or sign up for monthly contributions.