We are pleased to announce that we have reached agree­ment on a one-year interim contract with 3% across the board wage increases effec­tive in the first full pay period following its signing and a cap on increases in medical premiums in 2021 of no more than a 7% blended average.

This interim contract will provide us with stability and protec­tion through these challenging times and allow us to prepare and resume negoti­a­tions late this year.

In normal times, this agree­ment would be subject to a vote of the WSNA member­ship. As we all know, these are not normal times. We are unable to have an in-person vote. On April 5, the WSNA Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare adopted an emergency motion that autho­rizes, for the duration of the coron­avirus pandemic emergency, the Execu­tive Committee of the Cabinet (chair, vice chair, and treasurer) to execute an interim contract of up to one year provided that it is in the best interest of the nurses, and provided it is done in consul­ta­tion with the local unit officers and negoti­ating team. The Cabinet consists of ten elected members across the state and is the highest-ranking elected body of WSNA collec­tive bargaining program.

We, your WSNA bargaining team, unani­mously agreed to recom­mend that the Cabinet Execu­tive Committee autho­rize this one-year interim contract, which they have done.

In solidarity!

Your bargaining team

· Martha Goodall chair

· Peggy Smith co-chair

· Kellen Byrne griev­ance officer

· Tobi Bryan griev­ance officer

· Angie Petrovich