Your Bargaining Team has reached a Tenta­tive Agree­ment with the Hospital. The Team believes the Tenta­tive Agree­ment is a fair and reason­able deal given the economic reali­ties of the global health crisis.


Historic Wage Increases
7/1/20 – 3% *
7/1/21 – 2%
7/1/22 – 2%
* Wage increases are effec­tive on the first full pay period following the dates above. For 2020, the hospital has committed to retroac­tive raises dating back to the first pay period in July.

Previ­ously, nurses were only eligible for overtime after working 40 hours per week. Under the new agree­ment, nurses will also be eligible for overtime after the 12th hour of a shift.

Standby/​On Call Pay
Standby/​On Call pay will increase from $5.00 to $6.00. In addition, nurses who agree to work an open shift and then get placed on low census standby will receive $7.00 per hour.

Preceptor Pay
There will be no change to amount paid for Preceptor Pay. However, precep­tors must now turn in their daily evalu­a­tion forms within 24 hours of the shift in order to receive their preceptor pay.

Work On Day Off Premium
Nurses must fulfill their FTE in order to be eligible for the premium. Sick leave will not count towards fulfilling the FTE require­ment. Preap­proved vacation time and low census hours will count towards fulfilling the FTE require­ment. Note: the FTE require­ment will not apply for shifts filled within 24 hours of the shift to be worked.

Certi­fi­ca­tion Pay
Nurses who hold the following certi­fi­ca­tions are now eligible for the extra pay: CGRN, CRNI, SANE and either WCC or WOCN. The RNC certi­fi­ca­tion is no longer eligible for the premium.

Paid Leave
Your bargaining team success­fully resisted the hospital’s proposal to impose the PTO/​short term disability program utilized by other employees at the hospital. Instead, we will keep our current vacation/​holiday/​sick leave program. Also, domestic partners and grand­par­ents-in-law are now included in the list of family members for which you can use sick leave to provide care.

Nursing Compe­ten­cies
The new agree­ment will make some minor adjust­ments to the hospital’s current require­ment to meet and confer with WSNA in the event they make changes to existing nursing compe­ten­cies.

Staffing Committee
The Staffing Committee will now meet quarterly instead of monthly

Member­ship Language
The new contract will include updates to the Associ­a­tion Member­ship language as required by a recent Supreme Court decision. In addition, the new agree­ment will allow nurses who wish to make donations to either the Washington Nurse Founda­tion or the WSNA Polit­ical Action Committee to do so through payroll deduc­tion. Finally, the new contract will extend WSNA’s time to meet with newly hired nurses from the current 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

This contract is recom­mended by your bargaining team: Gena Martinez, Laurie Smith, Jim Wanner and Anita Duvall.

The VOTE to ratify this contract will occur on August 13 from 1500 – 1700 and 1800 – 2000 in the outside covered area by the old kitchen. We will take all possible steps to ensure social distancing. Your safety is our priority.

You must be a WSNA Member in good standing to vote on the contract. 


Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Mara Kieval at