WSNA recently partnered with our sister union OFNHP on July 7 to hand out 22 thousand face masks and 1000 shields to staff and commu­nity for personal use. This was possible due to a generous donation of masks and face shields from our national union AFT and Governor Inslee’s masking order effec­tive July 7.

At that event we also launched two more actions to get CEO Sean Gregory to rescind the matrix changes effec­tive July 1 and revert to those approved by the staffing committee and reported to the State Depart­ment of Health as directed by law.

Sign this letter to CEO Sean Gregory to show your support for reinstate­ment of the old matrices house wide. Hundreds of Peace­Health SW RNs have already signed and we invite you to join us in solidarity.

We’re also asking nurses to complete ADOs every shift if need be. This is the data that supports arguments for changes in the status quo. To make that even easier for you, we have an online form for you to access from your cell phone.

Save this link to easily submit your ADOs: wsna​.org/ado

Nurses at Peace­Health South­west are fed up with admin­is­tra­tion ignoring the process we fought hard to get into state law. Their disre­gard for nursing input by unilat­er­ally imple­menting their own plan is not only disre­spectful but puts our high standards for patient outcomes as risk.

As we prepare for another increase in COVID-19 patients, WSNA is your source for quality and trusted infor­ma­tion. Visit the website for more infor­ma­tion and resources to support you.

For questions about any of these actions, contact WSNA Nurse Organizer Ryan Rosenkranz at

For workplace specific issues or questions, contact your WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Mara Kieval at

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