WSNA and your local leader­ship team heard the concerns about nurses not being reimbursed for their educa­tion time because the actual reimburse­ment process was overly cumber­some and resulted in frequent denials. We worked with Peace­Health Leader­ship and reached a solution! Here is the resolu­tion right from Peace­Health Leader­ship email.

“…Effec­tive immedi­ately, we are no longer requiring travel plans for educa­tion which does not incur travel costs.

Also, we are working with Finance to change the approval process to move from the Chief Nursing Officer to the nurse’s direct manager in future reimburse­ment requests.

Addition­ally, leader­ship is also working to desig­nate a proxy to assist with expense reimburse­ments. The proxy will be able to enter receipts and complete expense reports on behalf of the nurse. “

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