WSNA has been working in coali­tion with sister unions SEIU 925, 1199NW and WFSE to create assur­ances for our regis­tered nurses in this time of uncer­tainty.

Our unity secured protec­tions for our work during this pandemic. We now can go to work knowing that if we test positive for COVID-19, UW will not contest that we were exposed at work. We have reached an agree­ment that includes protec­tions for those in the at-risk groups as well as those who may be redeployed. Moving forward, we have stronger guaran­tees for the safety for our members, but we are frustrated and disap­pointed in the process it took to reach this agree­ment.

We have provided extra­or­di­nary care and have collab­o­rated with many of your immediate super­vi­sors in this crisis. Despite this partner­ship to provide quality care with our local teams, UW Medicine Admin­is­tra­tion has hesitated to take our safety and our value to the commu­nity seriously. We will not forget that we had to fight for nearly 6 weeks, work with elected officials to pass legis­la­tion, changing govern­ment admin­is­tra­tive policies to get UW to do the right thing. Many health­care employers in our commu­nity partnered with union­ized health­care workers to come to timely agree­ments with these same protec­tions. Collec­tively, along with Coali­tion Union partners, we prevailed.

Our voice in politics matters

To win these protec­tions we called on elected officials we have supported for years, to stand with us in this critical time. New legis­la­tion and admin­is­tra­tive rule changes have greatly expanded our ability to stay safe at work and have economic security. 

  • L&I will assume all health­care workers testing positive for COVID-19 were exposed at work
  • Unemploy­ment expan­sions to allow more at-risk members to work from home when denied an accommodation
  • Unemploy­ment expan­sions to protect lost work
  • Expanded access to Child­care through the County
  • Free Parking to the employee through April 30, 2020. If free parking is not offered for May 2020 the parties may discuss an exten­sion of free parking
  • Free parking on city streets

Protec­tion when we are exposed

  • If we are not permitted to work due to an exposure of COVID-19 we will receive paid admin­is­tra­tive leave
  • Our pay and benefits will be kept whole if we test positive for COVID-19
    • If we are positive, we need to file for workers compen­sa­tion within 48 hours of our test results (If the employee fails to follow the proce­dures as directed, the employee may become ineli­gible for the paid admin­is­tra­tive leave)
  • Notice will be provided as soon as possible if the Employer learns we are exposed

Protec­tions for Redeployment

  • Our FTEs will be guaran­teed when we are redeployed
  • Volun­teers will be asked before manda­tory redeploy­ment when possible
  • Redeploy­ment should be rotated by seniority or utilizing already estab­lished unit float lists
  • $4.00/hour reassign­ment premium when we are reassigned or floated outside of our home depart­ment or regular work
  • No Standby or On Call shifts when we are reassigned unless mutually agreed
  • UW will provide appro­priate PPE following UW Medicine COVID-19 guidelines
  • No disci­pline or retal­i­a­tion for advocating for the PPE we believe is necessary
  • Training will be provided when we are reassigned

Protec­tions for At Risk Employees

  • At risk employees can ask for an accom­mo­da­tion or medical leave (this will likely require note from PCP)
  • At risk group defined by King County Public Health including individ­uals older than 60
  • Employees who are on Medical Leave of Absence will have access to Unemploy­ment Insurance
  • Employees will be allowed to work from home for 8 hours in order to maintain benefits
  • Telework or alter­na­tive assign­ments may be provided
  • Access to shared leave, if eligible, or can apply for Paid Family Medical Leave

Protec­tions that cover all of us
UW Admin­is­tra­tion tried excluding those who work at Hall Health from the same protec­tions guaran­teed to every other UW health­care worker. Our solidarity ensured Hall Health members are not left behind and without protec­tion by UW Administration.

Having the security of knowing that our jobs, our hours and our pay is protected is more impor­tant than it has ever been during my 30+ years of employ­ment at UWMC. Working together with other unions on these agree­ments helped achieve things that we may not have been able to achieve individ­u­ally” Anita Stull RN 7N Inpatient Psychi­atry

For additional questions or concerns, please contact your WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive:
UWMC Montlake Ed Zercher at
UWMC North­west Campus Brenda Balogh at

United we bargain, Divided we beg…